UPDATE: In July 2018, I begin an Assistant Professorship in Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta. I’ll be posting opportunities for students in marine ecology and conservation closer to that date. You can find more information about graduate studies at the UofA here. Please stay tuned.

IMG_20170824_174241About Me: I study the causes and consequences of biodiversity change in marine ecosystems, in service of developing science-based tools for conserving natural resources under global change. A major theme in my work is tackling cross-scale problems, which usually involves scaling up between realms of ecological research. For example, investigating how variation in species’ stress exposure and response mediates ecosystem shifts in changing environments. My research takes place in collaboration with university, government, and NGO partners in the United States, Canada, and throughout the Caribbean. I currently hold a Banting Fellowship at the Center for Ocean Solutions at Stanford University. Previously, I was a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at Oregon State University. I have been an affiliate scientist with the Reef Environmental Education Foundation since 2009.

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 Stuart Cove lionfish observation 2008img_20160803_170849_edite0323_01-copy